When the Przekroj formed, the times were horrible, because we had this mustache. By contrast, Przekroj was even cheerful, despite all the troubles - political and non-political - that were never lacking. However, there were some people who were perfectly good and understanding. We even had our own language. For example, write pear meant to be primo: appealing to the reader and secundo: so that no one of the political overseers could pinpoint it. / Ludwik Jerzy Kern /

From September 12, 2016, a new Authorities of the Association Journalists of Poland in Krakow is formed:


  • Sławomir Pietrzyk - President
  • Zbigniew Bajka - Honorary President
  • Bronisława Kufel Włodek - Vice President
  • Bogna Wernichowska Kasina - Vice President
  • Ireneusz Michał Hyra - Secretaru of Board
  • Leszek Marmon - Treasurer
  • Krystyna Rożnowska - Member of Board (2016-2018)
  • Justyna Abdank Kozubska - Member of Board (2018-2020)
  • Magdalena Włodek Skowron - Member of Board
  • Krzysztof Nil Ryba - Member of Board
  • Piotr Wasilewski - Member of Board
Revision Committee
  • Anna Maria Tylek - President
  • Jacek Łukaszewski - Member of Committee
  • Irene Krzywonos Wawrykiewicz - Member of Committee
Journalist Court
  • Krzysztof Szpetkowski - President
  • Łukasz Przegon - Member of Court
  • Paweł Świrek - Member of Court
Delegates at the IX Congress in Warsaw
  • Sławomir Pietrzyk
  • Ireneusz Michał Hyra
  • Leszek Marmon
  • Bronisława Kufel Włodek
  • Magdalena Włodek Skowron
  • Piotr Wasilewski